Saturday, December 14, 2013

A silly(?) prediction of a future CPU

First, let me warn you that what follows is not based on any recent scientific discovery but just on my imagination instead. As nowdays more and more computational units are fused within the CPU package the following picture could be some sort of a picture of a future chip.
As nowdays the CPU already incorporates GPU elements the following is a (rediculous) projection of a future central processing unit. It could contain a variety of combined cores for instance:
1) Serial compute cores (just like classic CPU cores)
2) Massively parallel cores (just like GPU compute units)
3) FPGA cores (for even more specialized tasks)
4) Quantum cores (???!! for NP-complete search problems?)

The last element is certainly not possible to be produced with current technology but in the future... who knows. It might turns to be just another component of the CPU package. How would it be called? QAPU?

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