Saturday, January 5, 2013

A GPGPU comparison (K20, 7970, GTX680, M2050 & GTX580)

I found a nice GPGPU comparison on a blog. It's very interesting as it exposes some practical benchmark results of all the latest GPUs in market in a range of 4 problems of different nature (bandwidth limited or compute intensive).

The GPUs compared are:

  1. NVidia Tesla K20
  2. NVidia GTX 680
  3. NVidia Tesla M2050
  4. AMD HD 7970

The 4 problems are:
  1. Digital Hydraulics
  2. Ambient Occlusion
  3. Running Sum
  4. Geometry Sampling
The results as presented are illustrated bellow:

As can be seen, the Keplel architecture is not as great as it was expected (at least the compute-optimized K20 chip). The older Fermi architecture seems to sustain a decent performance. In addition, the AMD GPU seem to be a good opponent exposing the benefits of the Southern Islands architecture in compute applications.

For the original full article click here:

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