Saturday, January 19, 2013

Problems with AMD Catalyst 13.1 on Ubuntu

AMD Catalyst 13.1 driver was released two days ago but I encountered problems when I tried to generate Ubuntu packages for both 10.04 & 12.04 releases.

In case anybody is interested, I'm providing some brief workarounds here:
One has to extract the driver files using the "--extract" option.
In both cases the problem was due to the "rules" file located under the "packages/Ubuntu/dists/{precise/lucid}" directory. Thus, the following changes had to be made in "rules" file.

In case of Ubuntu 12.04 the following line:
dh_install -p$(PKG_driver) "arch/x86_64/usr/share/ati/lib" "$(datadir)/ati"
had to be replaced with:
dh_install -p$(PKG_driver) "arch/x86/usr/share/ati/lib" "$(datadir)/ati"

In case of Ubuntu 10.04 the following line had to be appended after line 69:
 SRC_other_arch := x86_64
and the following line had to be appended after line 151:
  -e "s|#SRCOTHERARCH#|$(SRC_other_arch)|g" \

All packages then should be created as usual by giving:
 sudo ./ 9.012 --buildpkg Ubuntu/precise
 sudo ./ 9.012 --buildpkg Ubuntu/lucid


  1. Great job!
    Could you please tell me if I should replace both entries with the above in the rules patch?
    I am using Ubuntu 12.04 lts 32 bit.
    Thank you in advance

  2. Thank you!
    Applying just the first change (the one regarding the 12.04 release) should be enough in your case. The other change is applied on a different file (the one in the lucid subdirectory) that is only used for the 10.04 release.

  3. I mean in the rules file there are two entries for QT libraries. (one is on line 229 and the other on line 242). Should i change them both?
    Thanks for response

    1. Only the line number 242 applies. Line 229 is actually different that 242(lib64 vs lib).

    2. I changed them both (before I saw your response-I think there is no difference is it?) and installed the driver succefully!!
      Great help thank you

  4. And please tell me what 9.012 means in the following command you mentioned:
    "sudo ./ 9.012 --buildpkg Ubuntu/precise"

    1. "9.012" is the driver version (fglrx). I think it is a linux specific version numbering.
      See it as it is referred in the driver notes:

  5. is it weird if i have no idea where to append the lines? (the file itself, not the linenumbers)

    1. The problem regards the "rules" file residing in the respective distribution directory (i.e. either "packages/Ubuntu/dists/precise/rules" or "packages/Ubuntu/dists/lucid/rules"), after you have extracted the package contents using the --extract option (i.e. "./ --extract").

  6. thanks , solved the problem.

    Lucid/catalyst 13.12